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For over 10 years our Company has been involved in the development, manufacturing and sales of dental titanium root and anchor posts. The quality of our products is on the same level with the items offered by the world major suppliers. At the same time the price for our root posts is far more attractive to the consumers. That is why they are in good demand by the dentists.

There are no products of similar quality and model scope produced in Russia. The high quality consists of high-grade source materials, strict production standards and time-proven, reliable design features. The posts have got all necessary certificates of compliance with the Russian standards and recommended to the dentists by the Russian Ministry of Health. Several patents protect the design of our posts.

We're also offering you glass-fibre dental posts "DC light post".

Currently we are interested in promoting titanium and glass-fibre posts outside Russia and establishing business relations with foreign trading companies.

We hope the information on this site gives you clear idea of the products offered by our company. In case of any questions, please, don't hesitate to contact us.

Please download the product catalogue for titanium posts:
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